Phulwa | फुलवा | Ep. 4 | Mangru Is Devastated | मंगरु की हिम्मत हुई चकनाचूर

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Mangru is betrayed by Lakhiya as he refuses to give back the land that is rightfully Mangru's. He takes his problem to Bade Thakur, but to his surprise, Bade Thakur humiliates Mangru and refuses to help.

Phulwa' is a dramatic series that revolves around little 'Phulwa', an innocent village girl, who is as sweet and harmless as her name implies. But as fate would have it, Phulwa is destined to become a strong and fearless bandit, who will go to any lengths to avenge the deaths of her loved ones. What causes this shocking transformation? How many loved ones does Phulwa have to lose before life starts being fair to her? Watch now to find out.

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