Kesari Nandan | केसरी नंदन | Ep. 6 | Kesari Trapped In A Deadly Flood | बाढ़ में फंसी केसरी!

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After her parents dismiss her desire to receive education, Kesari Nandan gets even more stubborn about it. She heads for Jaisalmer without telling her family in the hopes of finding a school. But her journey turns into a matter of life and death when she gets trapped in a flood. How will she survive?

Hanumant Singh is a staunch patriarch who teaches wrestling in his village akhada. He has but one dream - send his son to win the gold medal in Olympics. But what happens when instead of his son, his daughter Kesari, takes it on her to fulfill his father’s dream? Can a little girl like Kesari give equal takkar to the boys in the akhada and prove to her father once and for all - Chhori chhoro se kam na hain! Watch her inspiring journey unfold on Voot.

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