Bhaag Bakool Bhaag | भाग बकुल भाग | Ep. 6 | Bakool In Deep Trouble! | बकुल फंसा मुसीबत में

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Bakool finds himself in trouble after Sheena's father, Ranjeet threatens to kill him for behaving rudely with Sheena. While Bakool's mother tries to coax him to fulfil the Suhagraat ritual with Jigna, Ranjeet gives him a mangalsutra and compels him to tie it around Sheena's neck. However, Bakool's mother finds the mangalsutra and insists that it be tied around Jigna's neck. Will Bakool find a way out of this chaos?

Getting married once? Perfect life. Getting married twice, that too with two different girls, that too on the same day? Baap re baap! Watch Bakool and his masaledar marital life turn upside down when he accidentally gets married to Sheena and Jigna. How will he manage two wives without going absolutely crazy? We suggest you sit tight with your family and watch Bakool's hilarious misadventures!

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