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  • Isha Baral
    Isha Baral18 ore fa

    before I think this marriage will complete within one month 🤔 but now this marriage drama will surely finish at one week 😚😜

  • gigyasa Ray
    gigyasa Ray18 ore fa

    cute soumya

  • __ShayRi_LoVeR_GirL____.
    __ShayRi_LoVeR_GirL____.18 ore fa

    *up se kon kon hai* ❤

  • Rubul Choudhury
    Rubul Choudhury18 ore fa

    Hate Those Moments Right Before You Go To Sleep, When You Are Forced To Think About All The Things You Tried So Hard To Forget.

  • satyam yadav
    satyam yadav18 ore fa

    Nice Aushka ji

  • abu assaf
    abu assaf18 ore fa

    Thank you somiya

  • Milcah Bhonsle
    Milcah Bhonsle18 ore fa

    If you have lied ever in your life you need to listen to this You see the bible says that one day Jesus will come back to this earth and all of us will be judged by God for every bad and good thing we have ever done , now note this the bible also says that lying , stealing, swearing, and dishonoring your parents is bad , the bible also says that you cannot get into heaven unless you are a totally good person , which means no lying , stealing etc , so then you may ask yourself, who in this world has not lied , let's admit it we all have and because God almighty loved the world so much that he gave up his most priced possession his son , Jesus and Jesus being God chose to come to this earth as a human and die for us , now you may think we'll that's sucide but no here is the thing Jesus wanted to died for us because the bible says that the penilty of sin which is bad deeds is death , and so Jesus chose to die for human kind not because he felt like dying but because he lived you and me Soo much that he gave up his life for us , and and while he was here on earth he lived a live without sin which means without lying or stealing etc so that when he died his righteousness should cover us . after three days he rose again from the dead, signifying that he had defeated death and had victory over death , and he said you cannot go to heaven by the good works you do which means you cannot earn your way to heaven because everyone has sinned , he said the only way to heaven is me , he said I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father (GOD)but through me , he said all you need to do is to believe and accept that I died for you and turn away from doing bad things and now you can have a personal relationship with God through me if you believe , so I ask please believe before it is too late and pray to God and say I believe and accept Jesus Christ.

  • Sadab Quraishi
    Sadab Quraishi18 ore fa

    Jab ye promo start hua tha. Jasmine se. Mujhe lga yahi hogi asli lead role me🤣🤣🤣🤣. Serial ki heroine..

  • Arya Manoj
    Arya Manoj18 ore fa

    #fatejo 🤪❤️

  • Junmoni Pait
    Junmoni Pait18 ore fa


  • Phoenix Bird
    Phoenix Bird18 ore fa

    Feel so sorry for both.How can fate be so cruel to both of them

  • Bibash Baral
    Bibash Baral18 ore fa

    I think that this marriage will complete within in one month🤣🤣🤣

  • Laxmi Goyal
    Laxmi Goyal18 ore fa

    Rubina 💓💓💓

  • Jassi Singh
    Jassi Singh18 ore fa

    Aaa episode kab àana hai

  • chesta
    chesta18 ore fa


  • Kamal Gupta
    Kamal Gupta18 ore fa

    Thank you Rangu for uploading it fast 😇

  • __ShayRi_LoVeR_GirL____.
    __ShayRi_LoVeR_GirL____.18 ore fa

    *next episode ka wait kitne log kar rahe hai* 👍

  • Vindu Maharaj
    Vindu Maharaj18 ore fa

    Sudha is soooo beautiful😍

  • bhola and ritu ke channel
    bhola and ritu ke channel18 ore fa

    Poor sister Ka bhi channel Dekho na mere pyara Bhai behan 🙏

  • somdutt jakhar
    somdutt jakhar18 ore fa


  • Salma Akter
    Salma Akter18 ore fa

    This scinary saw minimum 10 times! From bangladesh

  • bhola and ritu ke channel
    bhola and ritu ke channel18 ore fa

    Nice serial

  • __ShayRi_LoVeR_GirL____.
    __ShayRi_LoVeR_GirL____.18 ore fa

    *sab log apna favourite serial name batao* ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Isha Dalal
    Isha Dalal18 ore fa

    Saibai role is good

  • Mr brunzo
    Mr brunzo18 ore fa

    Kitna overacting fateh or tejo ki 😂😂😂

  • Sheetal Thakur
    Sheetal Thakur18 ore fa

    Wow finally my fatejo romance is start 😍😍

  • vijay kumar
    vijay kumar18 ore fa

    Boss lady is back with original story

  • Team Amaalian
    Team Amaalian18 ore fa

    Hell excited after a long time sequence wps aya yh

  • Sultan Singh
    Sultan Singh18 ore fa

    Ye nagine ka sinsila kb tk chlega

  • the nancy
    the nancy18 ore fa

    Nice track bt 🙏plz return heer

  • Jassi Singh
    Jassi Singh18 ore fa

    Heer ke Bina show achha nahi lag reha hai 😭😭

  • Hifza Eman
    Hifza Eman18 ore fa

    Shyam Bajrangi Apne Mata Pita Ke Khatir Mati ka

  • Vivek Verma
    Vivek Verma18 ore fa

    Only fatejo Best

  • Pikachu Music World
    Pikachu Music World18 ore fa

    Arrey who selected the girl beside Arav....Her acting is soo bad 🙏

  • Rajat Bansal
    Rajat Bansal18 ore fa

    Hame dekhna h

  • Shakila Rahman
    Shakila Rahman18 ore fa

    fateh is tejo's.. only her💖

  • sneha singh
    sneha singh18 ore fa

    Bina triangle ke koi show chlta bhi h ya nhi😂😂

  • Safder Shah
    Safder Shah18 ore fa

    I like it serial🥰🥰

  • Khushboo Sahu
    Khushboo Sahu18 ore fa

    Mujhe mistri ka ghussa accha lgta hai kiu ye sab mere sath ho chuka hai😭

  • Rasel Razu
    Rasel Razu18 ore fa

    Nice episode

  • Umar Malik
    Umar Malik18 ore fa

    We are waiting for 56 episode ❤️

  • Sunita Tamang
    Sunita Tamang18 ore fa

    Fatejo bestbest best jodi

  • Farzana ji Firdos
    Farzana ji Firdos18 ore fa


  • Laxmi Goyal
    Laxmi Goyal18 ore fa

    Rubina 💓💓💓

  • shawan entertainment
    shawan entertainment18 ore fa

    Ab lag raha hey ki yeh shakti hey

  • Love It
    Love It18 ore fa


  • sapana gurung
    sapana gurung18 ore fa

    Kya horaha he ye serial

  • Ashraf Ansari
    Ashraf Ansari18 ore fa

    Jasmin fate bast

  • Rajat Bansal
    Rajat Bansal18 ore fa

    Seven det ka dekhna h

  • Shafna Jiffry
    Shafna Jiffry18 ore fa

    Don't forget to put english subtitles. At least for the coming episodes from 294. There are many people who watching this serial even without knowing the language so plz put english subtitles

  • Neala Kinna
    Neala Kinna18 ore fa


  • Jenn Maryl
    Jenn Maryl18 ore fa


  • Jaya
    Jaya18 ore fa

    Tks nxt pls

  • Bria Elene
    Bria Elene18 ore fa


  • Ayushman Anshika
    Ayushman Anshika18 ore fa


  • Sophia Tiwari
    Sophia Tiwari18 ore fa

    .. Who else literally feel like ITwindow is their best friend during covid 19 ✅✅

  • Angel Aarna
    Angel Aarna18 ore fa

    Tejo ❤ Fateh mastii krte hue ...👌👌😍😍😍🤗🙃 cute lag rhe h

  • Abdul Samad
    Abdul Samad18 ore fa

    I like you aahan and pankti

  • shahanas ahamed
    shahanas ahamed18 ore fa

    Jasmine zeher lagthi hi ab

  • Sumaiya Ahmed
    Sumaiya Ahmed18 ore fa


  • Hammad Fans
    Hammad Fans18 ore fa

    ❤️ but I m a fan of Hammad Khatri. He hearing impaired ITwindowr. No one notices him. His channel name *Hammad Khatri*

  • Balasaheb Topale
    Balasaheb Topale18 ore fa

    My favorite ❤️❤️ rutyik and shivangi 💞💗💗💓💓💘💘💘💝💝♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️💛💛💛💚💙💜💜💜🤎🖤🖤🤍🖤💜💚💚💛🧡❤️♥️💘💖💗💓💞💞💕💕💌💌❣️❣️💔💔💟💟💟💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💢💢💯🥰🥰🥰😍😍🤩🤩😍😍😍🤩

  • Noushen noushen
    Noushen noushen18 ore fa

    Lots of misunderstanding in this drama but I love this drama love from Pakistan

  • Rajat Bansal
    Rajat Bansal18 ore fa

    Isko sru karvo TV per

  • Zabina Shah
    Zabina Shah18 ore fa

    Fatehjo only fatejo

  • LOFI
    LOFI19 ore fa

  • Ekta Roy
    Ekta Roy19 ore fa

    So interesting

  • Moirangthem Sanatombi
    Moirangthem Sanatombi19 ore fa

    Paru so lovely

  • Sheema Sheena qadir
    Sheema Sheena qadir19 ore fa

    Chal dafa hoja jasmeen lalciii

  • rashmi raheja
    rashmi raheja19 ore fa

    Vhm mat palo jasmine ji😂

  • Thankyou Gamer
    Thankyou Gamer19 ore fa


  • Fareen khan Khan
    Fareen khan Khan18 ore fa

    How are you 😆😆😆

  • Nazia Khatoon
    Nazia Khatoon19 ore fa

    Har roj ka

  • Ankana Mukherjee
    Ankana Mukherjee19 ore fa

    2 behno mein 1 hi ladke ko lekar jung!!!🙄

  • Monika Shah
    Monika Shah19 ore fa

    stopping making this type of nonsense serial....ek beti ka galti dosra ko punishment.....

  • Nilakantha Bairiganjan
    Nilakantha Bairiganjan19 ore fa


  • Faria Kabir
    Faria Kabir19 ore fa

    Golden Dragon fruit

  • Kamleshv Pa
    Kamleshv Pa19 ore fa

    Upload nagin season 2 episode 57

  • Azhil Priya
    Azhil Priya19 ore fa

    Add also Thakuma=Witch😠Tamil makkale refer description for content👍🏼

  • Nazia Khatoon
    Nazia Khatoon19 ore fa

    Sasuraal simar ka 2 ka full episode load kro

  • Toluwalope Durotoye
    Toluwalope Durotoye19 ore fa

    I'm glad they didn't elongate Mahi's track